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How to keep your kids busy during lockdown: 13 fresh ideas

How to keep your kids busy during lockdown: 13 fresh ideas

The global pandemic has put our lives on pause… again. Due to the lockdown, children and their parents are forced to spend most of their time locked up at home. But instead of being a couch potato, we’ve come up with some interesting and useful ideas on what to do with your little ones during this difficult time!

1. Bubbles! Teach your kids to bubble with liquid dish soap and shampoo. You can even have a paper straw bubble blowing contest!

2. Magic colouring! In our store you can find educational, absolute mess-free colouring books for any taste! There are animals, the underwater world, and even dinosaurs! Everything your kids need to enjoy creative freedom!



3. Modern Art Exhibition! Invite your young artists to organise an exhibition of their own paintings. Choose the topic of your liking – it could be Fairy Tales, or My Family, or Seasons, or whatever you can think of! Hang the precious artworks on the walls around the house, or even set up a family auction!

4. Adventure quest! Hide a valuable prize in a secret place and offer your little ones to find it solving riddles! Or, if they are big enough, leave little notes with hints for them. Having solved one clue, kids will be able to find out where the next one is. And so on, until they get to the great treasure!

5. Dress-up Time! Dress up is not just a girly game, as it is commonly believed! Our variety of magnetic puzzle boxes is an amazing gender-neutral alternative to plastic dolls that any kid regardless of their gender and age will absolutely love!


6. Home cinema! Organise a mini cinema in the comfort of your own home. Pick a movie that will appeal to both you and your children, make sure there is enough room for everyone, and don’t forget about treats! They make any movie even more interesting!

7. Letters! Invite your kids to write a letter to grandparents and draw a picture for them together. Teach them how to sign an envelope correctly, then seal it and send it out!

8. Puzzles! Puzzles are a real lifesaver for bored children and their parents. And mierEdu offers a huge selection of puzzles, both for toddlers - large puzzles with a small number of elements, and for older children - more difficult options with smaller pieces! Pick the best puzzles for your little angels now!



9. Window garden! Grow microgreens right on your windowsill. Sow seeds and take care of little plants together. If you don’t have any seeds, then simply put an onion in a glass of water and watch it growth new shoots!

10. Room hopscotch! If your little energiser is bored and lacks physical activity, invite them to play hopscotch. You might ask, how are you supposed to draw them at home? It's very simple – just stick a good old masking tape to the floor!

11. Sudoku! If your kids are natural riddle and logic games lovers, then quarantine is the perfect time to master our unique Sudoku starter kit!


12. Cooking! Organize a master class for your child on how to cook something delicious (such as cookies, for example). Let them experiment with decor, filling, and ingredients! And then invite all your family to have a cup of tea with freshly baked cookies!

13. Reading books! The benefits of reading are undeniable. Reading improves intelligence and literacy, develops thinking and imagination. Just find books for your children that will appeal to them and suit their age!

Lockdown is the time when you need to entertain your kids efficiently instead of just distracting them with gadgets! Children will remember these “unplanned holidays” for a long time if they are filled with funny and interesting memories!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones with mierEdu!

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