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This is the best for imaginative play and interaction. My 2 year old loves putting it together and even gets a giggle out of mixing and matching them. It has given him recognition of his animals.


So much fun! My kids are absolutely loving this kit. Even my 3 year old is obsessed with finding the right parts of the body. I myself have also learnt a few facts I had no idea about!


Loving this set so much. As we are in lockdown, this is the next best thing to travelling 🤣. Can be played as a family, lots to talk about. My son can also play on his own when he wants to match up the magnetic piece on the map. It looks beautiful and comes with a fantastic carry case to house all the bits and pieces. Great for taking out and about too since the pieces are magnetic. Looking forward to picking up more destinations.


My three year old loves this puzzles so much, easy for her to plays and she learns the alphabets and vocabulary from the puzzles. Bright and beautiful colour as well. Highly recommend for preschool kids!


My toddler absolutely loves this! So much conversation happens about emotions and body parts. Great quality and can use in the years to come for more informative knowledge of how the body works.

Shohani douglas

I am so amazed by how quickly my two year old got the hang of this! Has not been allowed out of her sight since we got it :)


My kid really loves it! She spends a whole day with her sister in room, we did release a bit.


Cannot recommend this enough such good quality and the pieces fit will together. So much to talk about with all the pictures and words on the front and back.

Shohani Douglas