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Four lifehacks for developing a child's creativity

Four lifehacks for developing a child's creativity

How to help your kids develop through drawing, playing together and even filming cartoons.

Psychologists all over the world claim that any child has a creative potential. This means that the main thing for parents to consider is developing creative abilities in every possible way. So, what should parents do to inspire their little ones’ creativity and nurture their talents? Here are top-4 mierEdu lifehacks!

Lifehack #1

Give them more freedom and don't stop spontaneous creativity! As you know, a muse always visits her creator unexpectedly, and creative children are no exception. Often enough, they draw with improvised means, on what the first comes into their hands – with half-eaten porridge on the table, with markers and pens on the walls or clothes, with soapy foam on the tiles in the bathroom, or even with lipstick on the mirror. Obviously, parents’ first reaction is to scold their young artists. But if you do not want to discourage your child from the love for fine art, you will have to restrain that emotional impulse.

First, be sure to look surprised, show your delight, and then, when the kid sees your joy, calmly explain to them that it is still better to draw in an album, and not on the wall. In order to develop drawing skill, make sure that there always are colouring books, drawing boards, art cases, and other arts and crafts tools in the nursery. This way, your kids will get used to the fact that they have all materials they need at hand at any time and will use them.

Lifehack #2

Make photo-books, albums, films, and even cartoons with your children! Parents usually keep the pleasure to plan and organise family archives to themselves, without involving their children in this creative endeavour. But we believe you should try to involve your little creators in this fascinating process too! You can create not just a photo album, but a whole photo-book, where you can place memorable pictures, baby drawings, make some explanatory notes, and use some beautiful stickers.

You can also come up with a fabulous plot, shoot it together with your kids and let them arrange the scene themselves with a little bit of your help! Making cartoons is also a great way to develop your toddler's creativity and imagination. Of course, this process is long and laborious, but it will be so worth it, we promise! Especially, if you use our Magnetic Art Cases, hours of fun for both kids and parents are guaranteed!

Lifehack #3

Play associations and imagination games! Children are resourceful and always invent something new. Most parents are amazed at how their children come up with a completely new game or find new purposes for simple objects every day! So, let them be the pioneers they are and play games that are great for developing their imagination. The only rule is playing along with their ideas, continue their stories, no matter how unrealistic they are!

Lifehack #4

Explore different textures and materials! Do not limit your creativity only to the usual set from a stationery store - paper, paints, brushes, pens, and pencils. That's what creativity is all about - look for something new and unusual! Crafts, toys, even house decorations can be made from natural materials of cones, dried leaves and flowers, acorns, eggshells, from woollen threads and scraps. You can draw on a table sprinkled with flour, cream - on homemade cookies, on a foggy window in winter, or on sand in summer. With the help of millet, peas, beans, and pasta, you can show your little Picassos how to lay out ornaments, landscapes, and some abstractions on a table or on a paper sheet. Your kids will develop not only imagination, but also fine motor skills!

Remember that even if your kids will not become famous musicians, singers or artists, these activities can still give them a creative hobby for life. Plus, creative thinking and a non-standard approach to problem-solving will help them in a professional career!

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