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6 important benefits of educational toys

6 important benefits of educational toys

As a parent you want the best chance of success for your child. Something that can help children in the early stages of development is educational toys. Before we talk about the benefits of educational toys let's discuss what makes an educational toy.

Educational toys are designed to stimulate children’s minds and advance their learning. They help develop problem solving skills, teach conflict resolution, develop motor skills and nurture imagination, all while your child plays!

The toys that you choose for your children to play with in the early stages of their life have an important impact on them and will aid your child with essential skills for later on in life. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing educational toys for your children.

1. Helps boost IQ and makes learning a fun experience

Educational toys focus on memory retention, motor skills development, coordination, literacy and numbers - all of which help to grow a child's IQ. The basic function of a normal toy is to provide entertainment and enjoyment. Educational toys are designed for enjoyment but also to incorporate learning into the play. Through this design children can have the enjoyment of playing with a toy but also develop essential life skills at the same time.

2. Helps develop Senses and motor skills

Children develop motor skills through regular playing but educational toys help the process along. Educational toys are specifically designed to enhance motor skills and help hand-eye coordination. The most common educational toy used to help develop sense and motor skills are building blocks and puzzles. Educational puzzles are a great way for young children to learn problem solving skills and start to learn to use their eyes and their hands to connect different pieces together and complete the puzzle.

3. Advances their Problem Solving skills

One of the main advantages of educational toys is the capacity to challenge the mind of a child. Toys such as educational magnetic puzzles encourage children to think in order to solve a problem. They can use puzzle toys to see what piece fits where correctly, through trial and error. As they practice and learn more efficient ways to complete puzzles their minds grow and in time they will develop strong problem solving skills.  

4. Encourages Creativity

With technology and screen time taking over from more traditional forms of play there has been an decrease in children using their imagination and creativity in play. Educational toys encourage thinking outside of the box and applying creativity to create scenarios or solve problems whilst playing. Toys that involve creating your own scene or interactions are especially good for developing creativity in children.

5. Improved Concentration

Children have a limited concentration span, they easily lose interest or become disengaged with things, especially if it is something they do not enjoy doing. Educational toys make something that could be seen as unenjoyable such as mathematics or language learning into an enjoyable activity for the child. Educational toys help to encourage children's interest in learning, and help them to develop new skills whilst playing.

6. Advances Emotional and Social Development

One benefit of educational toys that is often overlooked, is the advancement of emotional and social development. Educational toys often allow children to physically play alongside each other, something that technology cannot provide. While playing children can encounter social cues such as laughter, crying, anger, and figure out how to understand and react to these sorts of social situations. Educational toys often involve sharing, waiting your turn, and leadership skills, all important attributes to social development.

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