Based in Melbourne, Australia, we are a design-led company with a focus on educational toys and games for children aged 0-8 years. Our wide range of puzzles, activity sets and art and craft packs give your child a basic understanding of skills such as maths, literacy, problem-solving and more. Our products also help with children's sensory and motor development. 


At mierEdu, we strive to create sensory stimulating products using bright colours, shapes and textures that little ones will love. We believe that ‘less is more’, and aim to provide children and families with basic toys that are fun yet essential for their development.   


We offer a curated selection of well-designed, educational toys at a very affordable price for children and families. Our goal is to make everyday play enjoyable for children while helping them reach their milestones.


Our products are divided into ‘Active’, ‘Creative’ and ‘Educational’ groups, in line with our ACE theory. In addition, we have the Book + Toy collection, which falls under the brand name, ‘Story Plus Box’.


Active Toys improve the child's physical activity and exercise.

Creative Toys stimulate the child's imagination at all levels.

Educational aspects of a toy help a child learn specific skills and sometimes several skills at once.

mierEdu is a modern, educational toy brand from Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in the design and production of fun and educational toys for children aged 0-8 years, as well as for new generations of mothers. According to our ACE theory, our products are categorised into 'Active', 'Creative' and Educational' as well as the Book + Toy collection. With our “basic toys, better play” philosophy, our goal is to help children learn through play with our wide range of colourful and sensory toys and games.

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